This page shows some recent designs as well as options that weren't chosen, template designs and various self promotional projects. Currently soccer logos and crests are still the majority of requests, but I am excited about all the additional other sports logo requests also. From designing martial arts crests to gym floors, it's awesome to be able to do what I love for a living. See some visual case studies I have put together for custom sports logo promotion here: case studies


PS90 Crest Designs

Yes! I love working on simple crests. No establish date? No added tagline/slogan/stance line? No “SC”, “Soccer Club”, “Futbol Club" or “FC” to include? That’s fine with me. This quick turnaround badge design was fun to spend time on creating a few versions of lions and lioness’ with crowns. Anyway, I provided both a gradated and flat version for final files of course. Excited to see what it looks like when used on materials.


Sweathog Apparel Character Design

I’ve always enjoyed detailed vector illustration work and character design. I get to create mascots here and there, but I try to really be careful to keep in mind things need to be simple to embroider or use with some printing techniques. Anyway, a lot more thought and time goes into characters and vector illustrations than people think. I probably drew 40+ different versions of the hog face and in the end got it down to two versions for the client to decide on. How big the horns were and how sloped really was a tough decision. I tried to keep in mind the use in a square or circle profile box/shape and how it would work on their shirts. I also did some custom type treatments and script type for the brand. I plan to post more of the branding work on this project at


Borderland sports group crest designs

Borderland Sports Group was great to work with. I really enjoyed developing the crests and capturing their vision. Not many clients are really into the details and reasons behind the placement of shapes or type in the badge designs, but Borderland appreciated all that thought. I was able to take supplied bird art and adjust/tweak to make it there’s and work within the overall vision. We took time to choose the best green and red (not an easy color scheme to use and not scream Christmas or Mexico) to make the crest stand out and achieve the desired look and feel. Anyway, looking forward to more projects with this client and it’s always happy to get a response email like this: “It looks amazing. Everything is awesome. Can't wait to work with you again. Money well spent. Thanks again.” I don’t update my testimonials often, but maybe I should. Seeing feedback from clients after the project is over is really rewarding.



York Prep contacted me to work on some layouts for their new jerseys and get their season off to the right start. They provided a brand standards doc to work within for the school and we tweaked their iconic mascot to work best in the layouts. I know some of the kerning is jacked up on these, but these were concepts before making final, final tweaks. I love working with small clubs and teams that want to look more professional.



Working with Valor soccer has been a lot of fun and they are ever-expanding. I have a list of tournament logos lined up for them and am creating a simplified version of their logo for scarfs and such. I created multiple directions for the Cornucopia cup logo and with each I had versions to include the date and elements that related to Kent and the community. Exciting to work with Valor from the beginning on design as they are a Nike Premier club.


Valor Soccer Club

This lion graphic is consistent across multiple crests i’ve done that are all connected together with FC Colorado. I’ve gotten a chance to work with some directors who move from organization to organization as they move up the ladder of US soccer and it’s always great to keep in touch. FC Colorado is an organization I designed a crest for as well as some marketing materials to really position the brand as an elite team. King County and Valor are related organizations that play off the original branding with the lion being the consistent piece. In the end they used a gray version of the lion and a yellow version was also provided, though I love the idea of the 2-sided lion that plays off the idea of an organization with multiple locations/identities.


FENIX Soccer Academy

Fenix Soccer Academy wanted a crest that would stand out and with a red/yellow/black color scheme and phoenix. Their thoughts for an aggressive phoenix changed to more of a majestic bird, so I created multiple directions on how it looked and was incorporated. It was a fun crest to work on and the challenge of making the bird visually the hero was a fun puzzle to solve.



I’ve always been really excited whenever I see a request from a large sports organization, semi-pro team or D1 university, but I still want to contribute design to small clubs, teams and high schools that want to rebrand or invest in a professional look. This request was to take a current sports look and give it new life since the high school boys weren’t all that excited about their team jerseys. I started by re-drawing the mustang graphic and adding an accent color (orange). I liked how the orange really pops against the current blue and gray color scheme while still fitting the theme of the incorporated flames (top of the mustang and in branding elements). In the end, they were back and forth on updating the mustang itself and chose not to, but the new M symbol, accent color and updated typography are being used. The uniforms got the kids more excited for game-time and I’m excited for their new look to hit the field.



This high school boys soccer crest design was done as a part of my third crest design package (template crest package). These soccer badge designs are affordable and can be turned around really quickly. Delano chose their template design and I tweaked it to fit their color scheme, incorporated their school logo and mascot and dropped in their text. One revision is built into the third package offerinhg and so I showed a few ways of handling the text in layout. All in all, the template crests work well for high school teams that are on a tighter budget, but still want the professional vector filetypes and PMS colors that really make a difference. It worked for Delano high and now their team logos won’t be blurry or pixelated anymore. The new logos should keep them looking sharp for years to come.


King County FC Soccer crest

I designed the FC Colorado Greeley Crest a couple years ago and now they are expanding. King County FC will be a new sister club in Seattle and it was simple to create another crest in the same look and feel with a slightly different style, color scheme and text. The new team’s crest furthers the FC Colorado brand and the consistent look will add credibility to a new club in Seattle.



Level Up Soccer wanted a brand look and feel that felt as elite as their soccer training. They recently purchased a large training center and the logo was the first step into establishing the facility as their own space. Since Level Up wanted more of a brand logo rather than a badge design, I first walked them through a stylescape process before developing designs. After initial designs we made a few tweaks and the incorporation of the “LU” crown capped off the mark. I put together a full blog post on my main design site to show off the brand guidelines and a few process images. See the full post here:



Having already built the template/backbone for the tournament logo designs with the San Antonio tournaments, I had a good starting point to keep the looks of these unique, but also under one brand. Tiger Sports Management will always be in the same place, the titles will all be treated with the same typeface, the tiger and stars are set and I have liberty to make the silhouette/city components unique. All in all, it's been a fun project to work on and I am excited to develop more crests under the Tiger Sports Management banner.



South Shore FC was drawn to a template crest design and I showed a few variations on color so they could see their vision come to life. It's impressive how a color scheme change and a different set of content can really change the look of a crest design. It's always tough to balance an intricate vector drawing while showing off some detail but keeping the graphic simple enough to embroider. With this in mind, I created another option with a custom shaped badge so the custom drawn bridge could be showcased. Amazing how many designs I've done recently where the color scheme requested was red, blue and white.


Texas Warriors FC Crest Options

Below are multiple concepts done for the Texas Warriors Futbol Club. They wanted a logo that would scream Texas pride and nothing does that more than the Alamo. I used the shape of the top of the crest to recognize that famous stand the American hero's took. They truly optimize what a warrior is. I did versions with warrior imagery, cowboys and Spartan warrior looks. The Spartan speaks to the incredible odds and stand the men faces, which was Spartan like and also screams "warrior" at a glance. I thought the full crests didn't have to contain "FC" when showing the soccer ball, but left the "FC" in the secondary marks for the top concepts. All in tall this really was a fun crest to work on and I am excited for the cllub to get started.


Sporting hartford fc

Sporting Hartford didn't have the budget to see multiple custom design options, so I adapted two template crests and showed various versions around their color scheme. I gave a lined and unlined version of the files in case of poor reproduction on certain materials and embroidery. Besides the cost benefit of my third (template crest) package, I was able to turn around these designs over to the Rising Stars very quickly.



Tiger sports wanted a soccer logo that would accomplish three things: stand out in a sea of other vertical tournament crests, could be in a format to be used as a template for other city tournaments going forward and would incorporate the Tiger Sports Management name and icon. The logo couldn't scream template, but would have to combine flexiblity for long names, different color schemes and city elements in a way that could still be recognized as a Tiger Sports Management event. For this I did a variety of layouts, both in shapes and outside of shapes. Since Texas is such a passionate state about well everything Texas, I used their flag color scheme and state outline in many of the layouts. While the logos outside of shapes achieved some of the vision, in the end, we went with a horizontal badge design that incorporated the city skyline. This could be replaced city to city or with a silhouette of an iconic city icon. Really a lot of things but never a clipart trophy :). Anyway, it was great working with them on their look and I hope to more in the future as they expand, adding more tournaments across the U.S. 


I-10 Futbol Alliance Soccer Badge and logo design

Final badge design for I-10 Futbol Alliance and the full organization's logo are shown below. You can see all the badge designs that were explored in developing the simple soccer badge design. The client wanted the I-10 badge to convey crossing borders and no boundaries as the organization is made up of teams from across state lines. I kept that theme in mind when using parallel lines to convey the open road in both the badge and the full logo.


Dunwoody High School Soccer Logo Design

Soccer crest design options for Dunwoody High School. I drew a vector tiger graphic that could be used on various materials and also developed an alternative crest with a banner for their motto. I also did some claw mark versions and with this crest (as with many others),
I provided both a gradient CMYK version, a CMYK version and a PMS version. Having all three of those versions will be really helpful when working with vendors on various projects and getting the logo reproduced on various materials.


Wallkill Valley Soccer crest designs

Wallkill Valley Soccer was given multiple crest options for their new look. Based in New Jersey, Wallkill wanted to include some graphics that spoke to their heritage and carried some meaning. I used simple rolling hills at the bottom and used four stars across the top, symbolizing the four areas that kids come from in order to play. I did some full color versions, grayscale, one colors and various iterations for their use. 


McMinnville Soccer club Logo design

McMinnville Soccer was a simple crest based on some past soccer badges that they had seen and wanted to pursue. The final layout was a very simple with just a black and red color scheme and no tagline.



I've done multiple projects for the High Point Eagles including their gyms floor (a couple pics in previous post), a varsity soccer crest (shown in gallery), and various other athletics designs. It's been cool to see the logo work on various items, jerseys and products. I need to get more pics next time i'm in PA!



Crest designs done for Rox Travel Soccer program. Their program is located by the blue ridge mountains where the north fork and south fork of the Shenandoah River meet. ROX wanted an illustrated crest showing off their rural environment and using a royal blue color scheme with accent colors. 


Marauders Soccer Crest designs

Simple layout designs done for Marcus Marauders. I provided files of both a light and dark version for their home and away jerseys.


HALL OF FAME and Thoroughbred CUP crest design options

Tournament crest options Smoky Mountain Soccer. The Hall of Fame Cup crest was done for a tournament taking place in Canton, Ohio. Canton is known for the Football Hall of Fame, so I illustrated the Hall of Fame bridge that is well known in the area. The Thoroughbred Cup crest was done for a Kentucky tournament and included Kentucky blue grass and a hint of horse racing in some options. These are the 3rd and fourth cup crests done for Smoky Mountain Soccer and it's been fun to work with them and watch them grow.



The first lion had some large curves in the stylized hair, I thought it had a powerful look at first, but it was just too wide. I adjusted the layout and we felt it makes a better stand alone icon for use on apparel or small spaces. The crown and bottom chin ornament give the team a prestigious twist and adds another bit of contrast. Fun to work on and a great club to work with. 


Vapor Athletics — Sports Apparel Logo Design

Recently did a simple logo design for Vapor Athletics. The startup has a great message with their quality products and everything has a clean, sharp look. Exciting to see them grow and pick up traction on their Instagram (they got an NFL linebacker to post a pic wearing it).  Anyway, you can see some of the clothes in pics below below that feature the logo design on them, but visit their Instagram (@vaporathletics) and buy a baseball tee at Looking forward to working with Steven more in developing the brand and it's fun to watch his passion come to life in the business.


MULBERRY PANTHERS SOCCER CREST designs / Next eleven soccer crest unused version

In the mulberry soccer badge, the client liked the idea of using a quadrant style layout with stripes. Incorporating a custom drawn panther and the nail marks was a bit of challenge to include without making the overall layout too complex, but it was a fun challenge. The final Next Eleven soccer logo used a more bold title and had a few tweaks to it. They specifically liked the GPL soccer crest I had done in the past and I like how the shape of the crest really commands a presence.

mulberry soccer logo design
mulberry soccer badge design


When you think of the Minutemen, I think of the famous statue of the guy holding a long rifle. Pretty familiar image, but in this case we weren't going to include the logo and that means the hat would need to be a little more recognizable. I did the illustration combined from a couple references and the blue and red color scheme really says "patriot."

minutemen united sports logo
minutemen fc sports logo

Southern Coast Cup Soccer Tournament Logo / Enid Soccer Crest Design

This is the second soccer tournament crest done for this client. Their other crest was for a tournament they put on in the mountains, for this crest they needed a beach theme that would carry on a few of the same elements. The Adidas sponsorship stays, stars and establish date, shape of the crest etc. are all the same, just the background elements and interaction of the ball has changed. The Enid FC crest uses maybe the best color scheme of all time, black and yellow. I drew a simple bird, stripes and stars to complete the simple look they were going for.

coastal tournament crest design
coastal soccer tournament logo design
enid soccer logo
enid fc sports logo

Various Soccer and Basketball ACademy Logo Designs

This basketball academy logo was a lot of fun to create. I get to design soccer badges and soccer logos pretty often, but basketball logo design is a big market and I love the game. I was able to see some NCAA tournament games this year and am always taking note on how teams use their logos, what the identities look like and their various secondary marks for apparel. The basketball marks done for GBA were pretty diverse in terms of complexity. Getting the Atlanta skyline in there was something I wanted to do, without causing too many problems for embroidery and other applications. Anyway, working with a former pro player for a client was a good time and I hope to do some additional branding for the gymnasium itself at some point. The Alpine Strikers logo, Windy City FC (love the name rampage) and Victory SC were also fun badges to design.

basketball academy logo design option
Basketball Academy Logo Design option
Basketball Academy Logo Design option
Alpine Strikers soccer badge design
Alpine Strikers soccer badge design option
Soccer crest design
victory soccer logo

Honolulu galaxy soccer crest layout options  

Various island themed layout designs for a Honolulu team. Hit the mark with some and not with others. Fun to work on and do the tiki drawing specifically.

custom soccer logo design option for hawaii soccer club by jordan fretz design
custom soccer logo design option for hawaii soccer club by jordan fretz design
custom soccer logo design option for hawaii soccer club by jordan fretz design
custom soccer logo design option for hawaii soccer club by jordan fretz design

High Point Academy Gym Floor

You can see the High Point high school athletics logo on the gallery page. The logo was then used on everything from scorers tables, cups, chairs, gym floor, signage etc. The Gymnasium floor was fun to work on. I customized some type for the end lines, drew some lines in there and got to play on a court I designed :0. Anyway of course it would have been cool to do the layout for a hardwood floor, but this rubber floor was more affordable and really looks pretty good. I plan to get some better pics sometime. Good experience getting files to the vendor and working with High Point to get everything done on time.

basketball center court logo design by jordan fretz

Various logos done for Universities, High Schools and club teams

Below are various designs for all different clients and I'm not going to call them all out, but I did custom vector drawing work fro Brandeis University crest and the Wellesley Rhino is still one of my favorite mascots and crests I've done. I think it's because I was able to use a more stylized ball and the text was simple enough to keep the layout really clean. For Boise City I drew a prominent city building and was able to sneak a subtle hill/mountain background component in there as well. I was happy with the way the green, blue and gray worked together and more importantly so was the client :). Corban University went in multiple directions before finalizing the layout and below were some of the original layouts.


El Dorado Hills Recreation soccer crests and Competition soccer crests

El Dorado Hills wanted to have 2 separate logos that would have the same style, but could be used for different programs. They have a recreational club and a competitive club and the identity needed to work for both. After a lot of options and finalizing how closely tied we wanted the brands, we landed on a round badge for the recreational side and a tall crest for the competitive side.


Aurora Borealis SC Crest design and branding for t-shirts and various materials


Aurora was the first city to have street lights (or some story like that) and they wanted to have street lights used in their branding. One of the funnest soccer branding projects I have gotten to work on. They are a semi-pro team with a lot of potential and I hope to work with them again in the future. They are part of the Premier League of America and I hope to do some more work with that organization at some point too.

custom semi professional soccer branding
custom semi professional soccer branding

Direct mail and promotional layouts created to promote

Thee layouts were sent to various pro, semi-pro and D1 programs in hopes of gaining new business. I got a call back from the New York Red Bulls and also was able to follow up with various prorams on possible future projects.


Eagleview Soccer logo/ Tulsa Roughnecks affiliate and Tulsa University unused crest option

The Eagleview client wanted a logo that would be simple, versatile and easily spotted as a professional group. They have top talent training there, top trainers flown in from Europe to provide instruction and affiliates with the Seattle Sounders players. It was fun to work on simple layouts and create an identity that could be used for their multi-level programs. The Tulsa United logo was done leveraging the Tulsa Roughnecks identity and promoting them as an official affiliate. For Tulsa I created multiple logos featuring different iconic buildings on campus.

Soccer foundation logo design by jordan fretz
Soccer foundation logo design by jordan fretz

Greenville Eagles Soccer Badge Design

Embroidered soccer jerseys designed with the custom eagle shape. Both home and away jerseys used the same crest, but many times teams will request various layouts to have at least a light and dark version for this purpose.  

greenville eagles soccer logo design embroidered on jersey
greenville eagles soccer logo design embroidered on jersey

Ann Arbor Huron High School Soccer Logo Design

Various soccer crest designs done for Ann Arbor. They had the A/H mark already and wanted to include that in the crest with a river theme. Their official mascot is "The River Rat", yes!! One of the coolest mascots I've heard of. Anyway, it was fun to work on and the colors really gave it a nice look with the rope texture borders. 

high school soccer team logo design by jordan fretz
high school soccer team logo design by jordan fretz
high school soccer team logo design by jordan fretz
high school soccer team logo design by jordan fretz

Various custom sports logo designs for various soccer teams

Some layouts were used to sell as template crests which could be used to create a professional look at a less expensive price-point for clients. The other logos were done for various high schools, club teams and organizations.


Promotional Designs for

I created these designs to use in various print materials in promoting my custom soccer crest work. The layouts were done with various illustrations I had created for crests and I tweaked each one so the line weight, crown and strokes were different. I thought that really spoke to the custom sports logo designs I was trying to promote.