My examples below directly relate to soccer logos (due to volume of soccer inquiries this has become helpful). I know there is a good chance your project can't be separated into a package, but this is just a good gauge to keep in mind when asking for a quote: do you want to see multiple shapes, color schemes, mascots, marks etc, or are you content with giving direction and seeing one brand look and feel. 


This package is best for teams with a bit larger budget and want to see multiple shapes, layouts, styles etc. A variety of options can be helpful when boards or committees are approving the final layout. Besides seeing multiple concepts, two revisions to the chosen logo is also included. 


This package is best for teams with an average budget and are comfortable with seeing one design. This can work with the client providing clear direction and possibly even an example of styles they like or complete blind trust in my skills :). Either way, this package also includes 2 revisions.


This final package is best for teams with a small budget and really can't take a few days to decide on a final design. I have designed template crests that can be altered with new colors, text, icons, ect. This package includes 1 revision and you can see the template options here.